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  1. COUNTY CLERK Independent Review Panel Law & Justice Report

    The Independent Review Panel presented their report to the Board of County Commissioners following their regular agenda meeting on Tuesday May 31, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. View Full Report Here
  2. Health District Bulletin - June 2016

    The Health District Bulletins are informative publications for Yakima County health professionals with timely information about public health issues and current disease statistics. View Bulletins (PDF)...
  3. Zika Virus Testing Update - 6/27/2016

    Health Care Provider Update: Testing for Zika Virus. View Advisory (PDF)...
  4. Public Health Advisory - West Nile Virus in Yakima County Mosquitos 6/6/16

  5. Effective 2:30pm -- March 25th -- Nile Road at Rattlesnake Creek Bridge Now Open (ONE LANE)

  6. North Meyers Road Bridge #485 Closed Indefinitely

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