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Yakima County’s Geographic Information Services (GIS) Department maintains spatial data for Yakima County, and provides services and data to other Yakima County Departments, private/public organizations and directly to the public. Services provided range from customized maps and aerial photos to digital data and online mapping. Feel free to stop by our service counter or browse our products list. Yakima County's GIS Open source data can be be downloaded from here.

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Yakima County's Interactive Mapping

The following web maps are now available from our ArcGIS - Online Index.


All maps, data, and information set forth herein ("data") are for illustrative purposes only and are not to be considered an official citation to, or representation of, the Yakima County Code. Amendments and updates to data, together with other applicable County Code provisions, may apply which are not depicted herein. Yakima County makes no representation or warranty concerning the content, accuracy, currency, completeness or quality of the Data contained herein and expressly disclaims any warranty of merchant-ability or fitness for any particular purpose.

Persons accessing or otherwise using this Data assume all responsibility for use thereof and agree to hold Yakima County harmless from and against any damages, loss, claim or liability arising out of any error, defect or omission contained within said Data. Washington State Law, Ch. 42.56 RCW, prohibits state and local agencies from providing access to lists of individuals intended for use for commercial purposes and, thus, no commercial use may be made of any Data comprising lists of individuals contained herein.