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The Board of County Commissioners is responsible for the overall administration of Yakima County government.  Some responsibilities of the county legislative authority include adopting the annual budget, approving and enacting ordinances and resolutions, and making appointments to advisory boards and commissions.
 County Commissioner, District 1

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Mike Leita

(Prefers Republican Party)

It has been my honor to serve the citizens of Yakima County for almost 12 years.

When you first elected me county commissioner in 2005, we were financially adrift and facing an expensive "jail debacle."  Today, after implementing sound financial policies and maintaining budget discipline, the county is financially sound and the jail problem is largely solved.

I promise to continue to spend your taxes wisely, to act responsibly and to seek the highest value for your tax dollars.

If re-elected, I promise to continuing to serve you with experience, commitment and proven leadership.

Geary Eric2    

Eric Geary

(Prefers Republican Party)

Yakima County is a diverse community deserving of leaders willing to work within current business practices, yet adapt to ever changing trends, who also understand the importance of fully utilizing current resources.  I am such a leader.

I stand for legislative proactivity, government transparency, tax prevention, reduced regulations, and improved government efficiency.

I have served in the Enlisted and Officer Corps of our Military, to include overseas; and owned/operated two businesses.  My education includes Bachelor and Master Degrees in IT and Administrative Management, and Environmental and Policy Management.

Endorsements: Former Yakima Mayor Micah Cawley and Lt. Governor Candidate Phillip Yin.

Contact: (509)654-8134;;