Emergency Plans



In Washington State, emergency management offices have numerous emergency plans. Our two most overarching plans, are the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) and the Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP). Below you will find a brief description of both as well as a link to where you can find all of our plans on line.

Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
A comprehensive emergency management plan is a basic plan with elements which address all natural and manmade disasters to which a political subdivision is vulnerable. The comprehensive emergency management plan specifies the purpose, organization, responsibilities and facilities of agencies and officials of the political subdivision in the mitigation of, preparation for, response to, and recovery from emergencies and disasters. These responsibilities are broken down into what is referred to as ESFs (Emergency Support Functions).

Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan 
  State, tribal, and local governments are required to develop a Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan as a condition of receiving certain types of hazard mitigation disaster assistance. Jurisdictions may choose to develop a single jurisdiction mitigation plan or participate in multi-jurisdictional plan. Yakima County's is multi-jurisdictional and includes the County and all incorporated cities in the County, minus the City of Yakima. The Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan address all natural disasters to which a political subdivision may be vulnerable to.



FIND A LIST OF OUR PLANS ONLINE HERE: http://www.yakimaready.org/#!links/c6kj