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Commissioner, District 3
   4 year term
Lisa Homer

Lisa A. Homer

(Prefers Republican Party)

As a candidate to serve as your County Commissioner for District 3, I encourage fiscal responsibility, promote economic development, and continued leadership.  As a financial advisor and business owner I understand how budgets impact growth.  I look for ways to finance projects without raising taxes or fees and requires leadership to collaborate, listen, and respond to the needs of our community.  I have extensive community service and board participation and believe we can end homelessness and ensure our communities have their infrastructure needs met.

Contact:   509-210-3355;;

Susan Soto Palmer


Susan Soto Palmer

(Prefers Democratic Party)

In 2016, we witnessed underrepresented communities throughout, impactfully rally for desired policies to positively influence quality of life while preserving and protecting our precious resources, i.e., water, agriculture, economy, businesses with dignified and equitable solutions.  In partnership, we continue actions to restore life-enhancing policies including the safety and stability of our diverse families, living wages, protecting worker’s rights, women’s rights, affordable quality housing and healthcare and other potent issues affecting our daily lives.

As your County Commissioner #3, I am committed to equitable, innovative solutions, creating increased public access and transparency to the system of the Commissioners’ service.

Contact:  509-941-3764;;

Summer Derrey


Summer Derrey

(Prefers Republican Party)

I am Summer Derrey and I want to be your next Yakima County Commissioner because I have a heart for service and a voice that will represent you.

I’m proud of my work as WSDOT’s spokesperson and want to continue that transparency and accountability.

My results-focused plan includes reducing crime, supporting youth activities, streamlining the business permitting process, fostering our growing agricultural industry from production to tourism, engaging county employees and building community partnerships across agencies.

I will work full time for you, I’m listening and I think it's been a long time since you were heard, don’t you?

Contact:  509-969-7784;;

Jose Trevino


Jose A. Trevino

(Prefers Republican Party)

I’ve been a Yakima Valley resident since the 1970’s, and I’m a conservative.  I’m proud to serve as strong Mayor of Granger, where I’ve constantly exercised fiscal responsibility.  After just two months, I balanced Granger’s budget from a $84,000 deficit to a $100,000 surplus, by simply determining what was truly necessary.  I have 28 years of experience in public service, including 16 years as police officer, and 11 years as a Washington State Fraud Investigator.  I will bring my sharp budgeting pencil, my conservative principles, and a strong work ethic to the job every day.  I ask for your vote.

Contact:   509-840-5705;; Jose Trevino 4 Yakima County Commissioner on Facebook

Norm Childress


Norm Childress

(Prefers Republican Party)


I’m Norm Childress and I would like work for you as a Yakima County Commissioner.

I have lived in Yakima County my entire life and have enjoyed working with people up and down the valley, serving on many Boards and Committees.  With over 35 years experience working in both county and city government I have developed a variety of skills that will help me succeed in the role of County Commissioner.

I will work hard for the people of Yakima County.
I am a proven leader.
I know how to get the job done.
I do it every day.

Contact:  509-830-3898,,

Steve Changala


Stephen Changala

(Prefers Republican Party)

Elect Stephen Changala Yakima County Commissioner District 3.

Water availability is a concern for all of Yakima County.  As a veteran farmer Stephen is diligently working to resolve this issue as a Farm Bureau Board member, neighbor and leader.

Stephen is confident with Community support, the Yakima Valley can continue to be prosperous.

A Deputy Sheriff in Yakima County for 30 years. On Patrol, School Resource Officer and Detective.  Stephen has provided safety and service to the public.

Stephen is Community Focused and Service Driven.

Vote Stephen Changala Yakima County Commissioner District 3.

Experience and knowledge you can trust!

Contact:  509-930-2503;;

Brent Knautz


Brent Knautz

(Prefers Republican Party)

A lifelong member of the Yakima Valley community, Knautz is committed to driving growth and efficiency in our community.  Owner and founding partner of Enigma Marketing for the past 17 years, his professional background is in growth strategies for agribusiness and manufacturing with the agility to work in any business landscape.  Our valley needs a commissioner who solves issues from a business perspective and we need leadership with business skills to establish a clear and effective path that encourages economic growth.  We need an environment that inspires our next generation to stay and prosper, not seek greater opportunities elsewhere.

Contact:  509-961-0750;;