Referral Process

Referral Steps
  1. Defendant is charged with DUI/Physical Control.
  2. If defendant intends to pursue DUI Court, defense counsel should file the following in court or with the DUI Court Coordinator:
  3. Defendant's case should remain on the criminal docket during the observation period.
  4. Defendant is required to observe DUI Court at least 3 times. DUI Court is held Thursday @ 3:00 pm.
  1. Defendant will be responsible for making contact with treatment provider for screening appointment. If in custody, defendant will be advised of how screening will take place.
  2. In addition to the alcohol screening, the treatment provider will complete a “Personal Information Screening” and “Financial Screening ” form.
  3. After review of screening results, the treatment provider will present recommendations to the DUI Court team at the next team meeting.
Team will determine whether defendant should proceed to assessment.