Yakima County and several other local municipalities have formed a stormwater pollution deterrent and education providing group called the Yakima Regional Stormwater Group (RSWG).  This group was formed through an Interlocal Governmental Agreement (ILA), and is tasked with responsibility of performing permit compliance requirements under the Department of Ecology’s Phase II NPDES Stormwater Permit for urban Yakima County and the cities of Selah, Sunnyside, and Union Gap..

Speakers Available
Does your neighborhood, business or community group need a speaker for its next meeting? The RSWG would be happy to schedule with you an information presentation about stormwater impacts in our community, what your group can do to minimize impacts, and what agencies are doing to address the problem. Contact the Water Resources - Stormwater Division by calling 509-574-2300.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention
Watch the video produced by Stormwater Management and Y-PAC in 2016. 
Watch the video produced by Stormwater Management and Y-PAC in 2012.
Video Graphic

*NEW* Yakima County Ordinance 3-2016 Draft

Storm Drain Clogged With Litter
Flooded Street With Improper Drainage
Two Storm Drains Draining Into Ditch
Debris in Street Clogging Drain