Current Goals
Water use efficiency goals are intended to help conserve water for future generations and meet the State’s new distribution system leakage standard. The County’s proposed water use efficiency goals for the Terrace Heights Water System include:
  • Reduce distribution system leakage to less than 10% based on a 3-year rolling average within the next 6-year planning period.
  • Reduce average day and peak month demands per single-family residence by 3 % based on the average of the demands over the next 6-year planning period (2009 - 2014) as compared to the average over the previous 6-year planning period (2003-2008). Source meter readings will be used to compare reduction in demands if, when the service meters are replaced, it is found that they were the cause of the high distribution system leakage. If service meters are the cause of the high distribution system leakage, then service meter readings will show an increase in demands per single-family residence.
Public Hearing
The County needs to hold a public hearing and adopt water efficiency goals by July 1, 2009. Prior to holding the hearing the County must make specific information available to the public including the existing Water Use Efficiency Program, previous annual water use efficiency reports, supply characteristics, water demand forecasts, and a summary of any comments received about the proposed goals.

Examples of water use efficiency goals listed in Appendix I of the Department of Health’s Water Use Efficiency Guidebook (PDF) are as follows:
  • Reduce average day demand per connection from 310 gallons to 260 gallons in 5 years
  • Reduce daily use per person from 100 gallons to 70 gallons in 10 years
  • Reduce water production per person, on an average annual basis, from 250 gallons per day to 230 gallons per day within 6 years
  • Save 100,000 gallons per day, on an average annual basis, at full implementation of the conservation program in 6 years.
  • Reduce average 3rd-tier residential water consumption per customer by 15% by 2013
  • Reduce seasonal outdoor water use by 2% to 3% by December 31, 2010
  • Save 5 gallons per family home per day by 2014
  • Reduce single-family residential water consumption by 25 gallons per day (gallons per day) per home by 2014
  • Reduce per connection use by 7% by 2010
  • By 2015, reduce consumption per equivalent residential unit (ERU) from 495 to 415 gallons per day/ERU
  • Reduce consumption by 20% for the highest 10% water users in our single-family class customers by 2012
  • Reduce seasonal summer demand by 25 gallons per day for residential customers within the next 6 years
  • Reduce total production from our wells by 5% within 6 years
  • Maintain daily per capita consumption at 65 gallons per person per day for the next 2 years (justification required for maintaining consumption levels (see WAC 246-290-830(3) and Section 7.5 (PDF))
  • Reduce regional consumption by 1% at the end of 3 years (based on a regional program goal)