About Us

The South Central Workforce Council, serving Kittitas, Yakima, Klickitat and Skamania counties in Washington State, is a non-profit, volunteer board of local leaders in business, labor, education, and community service. Among other programs, the Council administers federal and state funds for education, training and employment.
  1. Council Members

    See who serves on this council.

  2. Employment Opportunities

    Browse employment opportunities within the SCWDC.

  3. Equal Opportunity Employment

    Read our equal opportunity statement discussing the legal ramifications of discrimination in the work place.

  4. Our Library

    The Library offers many documents. There is something of interest or value to nearly everyone here, whether your current search is for official documents, policies, or just articles of interest.

  5. Partners

    Visit websites to WorkSource partners.

  6. Qualifying Occupations

    Access a list of local area demand/decline occupations.

  7. The Reading Room

    In this Reading Room you will find documents and resources of value to you as you prepare for and participate in meetings of the South Central Workforce Council and its committees.

  8. Results & Performance

    The story of our accomplishments in meeting the workforce needs of our region is told largely by numbers.

  9. Staff

    Find contact information for the South Central Workforce Council's Dislocated Worker staff and Administrative staff.