Renewable Energy Project

The Central Washington Renewable Energy Project is a partnership among the local workforce council, 3 associate development organizations, training institutions and local business. The project will establish a regional skills panel and will develop a regional plan that will identify niches for renewable and alternative industry growth for current and future worker demand; identify skill requirements and regional training needs for industry workers; and development of sustainability plan for the Renewable Energy Partnership.

Regional Skills Panel
A Renewable and Alternative Energy Skills Panel has been developed with representatives from business, post secondary education, economic development, workforce, labor, and public organizations that have an interest or responsibility in promoting and supporting the development of alternative energy in Washington State.

Needs Assessment
In the fall of 2008, workforce development partners in Oregon and Washington called for an updated needs assessment to inform the partners on relevant skills sets and to determine projected workforce needs by the wind industry.

The goals of the needs assessment were:
  • Analyze the occupational demand for wind turbine technicians in Oregon and Washington.
  • Identify needed skills and qualifications to inform an existing training program and start-up programs.
  • Itemize existing and future wind projects in Oregon and Washington.
  • Identify key contact personnel at wind farms, wind farm developers, and turbine manufacturers.